The Watch Nature project is developing live and in open source on GitHub (using Elixir for the API and Vue for the web front end). We will be designing live on Invision soon. In the meantime, here's an early prototype of our main screen — the stream — a real time stream of nature observations from your favorite places and people, and of your favorite species. Read more about the project below.

We're looking for a few great early adopters to test the alpha release of our social field guide to life on Earth. Get in touch below if that's you.

Also check out our podcast! We talk about life on Earth with people who work everyday to observe, understand and protect it. Episode seven of the Watch Nature Podcast is now available. I talk with Dr. Scott Kimball about his master's work on bald eagles and other raptors, his doctoral work on the ecology of bird behavior, thoughts on teaching college and the importance of getting out in nature.